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New Recycling Program

Rainshow’r® takes another step toward reducing its environmental impact!

For 15 years Rainshow’r® has been recycling the oxidized brass from the spent CQ cartridges returned to us by consumers. We cannot use any part of the returned filters, but we believe it is important to conserve our resources and keep recyclable materials out of our landfills. We have given this material away free to scrap dealers in hopes it would find a new life. A few years ago we became concerned when we realized that the scrap dealers we had been dealing with had been shipping the filters offshore.

We went in search of an American recycler that would find an outlet in USA. It took 3 years of research and many phone calls, but we found one!

Rainshow’r® is now proud to partner with Active Recycling, an environmentally aware recycler, who understands our desire to limit our impact. They have been working to find smelting resources close to home. It took several weeks, but they have located one smelter in California and one in another state. Now the spent media we receive from consumers will be delivered to smelters who will mix with it other metals to make a bronze alloy. We understand much of this new material will be used to make bronze artwork for parks and museums.

We appreciate that the postage cost to return your cartridges to us comes out of your pocket, and we thank you for working with us to keep our recyclables out of landfills.

Please send your recyclable Rainshow'r products to:

Good Earth Recyclers
P.O. Box 2167
San Gabriel, Ca 91778

A surprising anecdote: It seems thieves have realized the value of the oxidized brass found in used CQ cartridges. Over the 4th of July weekend 1000 lbs of cartridges waiting to be recycled disappeared from our warehouse lot. From now on we will keep them under lock and key.

See below for letter from Active Recycling.


Click the image to download a PDF of the letter from Active Recycling