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The Green Knight, a non-cartridge Hydroponic Dechlorinator, is designed to reduce Free Available Chlorine (FAC) in tap water when filling hydroponic nutrient tanks. Depending on the pH of the water it may also reduce chloramine compounds. The Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator is now molded in white UV resistant polypropylene. The Green Cap which distinguishes it from the Gard’n Gro is polypropylene plastic. The Green Knight has been engineered to reduce water flow to 2 GPM. This is to maximize water contact time with the media.

Green Knight Hydroponic filter
Features & Specs

Features and Specs of the Green Knight

  • Removes 85% - 90% of Free Available Chlorine (FAC)
  • Reduces chloramine 50% - 60% in pH balanced water (low seven range)
  • 30,000 gallon or more capacity (based on water quality and usage)
  • 2 lbs of KDF®-55 atomized brass (redox material)
  • 2 oz of energized Rainshow’r Crystal to reduce water cluster size
  • 0.6 oz (approximately 1800 linear feet of surface area) of KDF formula 73 brass filament for destabilizing the bond between chlorine and ammonia
  • Combo Brochure Available with Gardn’ Gro and Green Knight
  • Unique hose saver included for hose protection and easy installation


Recommended flow rate: 2 gpm

Temperature range: 40 F to 110 F

Max pressure: 100 psi


Do not allow the filter to freeze. Back flush filter monthly to preserve ideal flow rate. Once the filter has been used, run water through the filter at least twice monthly, or store in a refrigerator to prevent media oxidization.

Green Knight packaging

WEIGHT: 3 lbs 4 oz

BOX DIMENSIONS: 10.5" x 4-1/4" x 7-3/4"

(UPS) SHIP WT: 4 lbs

CASE WT: 23 lbs (6 per case)

CASE DIMENSIONS: 17-1/2" x 11-3/4" x 10-1/4" (6 unit case)


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